Church guide about the interior renovation is out

A new book has been published about the Marktkirche zum Heiligen Geist. The pocket-sized church guide shows from the architect’s point of view what has been done in the Clausthal house of worship, how and why. 2000 richly illustrated copies are printed.
(from Goslarsche Zeitung, 5.6.22)

Marktkirche Clausthal, Hansjochen, Schwieger, Dorothee Austen und Sándor Kotyrba

Marktkirche Clausthal: Architect Hansjochen Schwieger, Chairwoman of the Church Council Dorothee Austen and Sándor Kotyrba (l.t.r.)

Market Church of the Holy Spirit

An der Marktkirche 1
After renovation 6/2019 – 3/2021, organ installation by April 2022

View to the altar

View to the winter church

Refurbishment of student dorm

2nd construction phase Rote Straße 2.1, Burgstraße 52 Göttingen
Completion of House 52 in June 2021
Photographs by the photographer Mr Daniel Zielske

Sanierung Studentenwohnheim Göttingen

Entrance house 52

Sanierung Studentenwohnheim Göttingen

Baroque staircase

Sanierung Studentenwohnheim Göttingen

Room with historic floorboards

Science Park Building V Arch Bridge Special Construction

between building III and V on 13 March 2020

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Jubilee Edition – Best of 10 years Archipendium

Schwieger Architects in the

element+ BAU Nr. 5/2019
New building PS.Halle, Einbeck: Multifunctional conference venue for events

Room with historic floorboards

In 2019, the parish celebrates its 25th anniversary

of the Church and Cultural Centre “Christ Church” in Omsk.

The church at the 10th anniversary celebration in 2004.

Schwieger Architects in the

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