Architectural office Schwieger

Architectural Services

We are an architecture office with longstanding experience in the development and realisation of a variety of architectural projects. Successful competition entries, publications as well as awards we received in recognition of our work all demonstrate our ability to provide extraordinary architectural services, especially under strict budget constraints. Our designs are sustainable, durable and economical in construction and maintenance. The buildings are characterized by longevity and maintenance poverty. Our planning processes are subject to the 4-eyes principle, a permanent in-house quality testing. By working as a project manager, the special quality of planning is constantly evolving.


– Initial Design/ Construction Cost Estimates
– Project Development
– Design and Construction Coordination
– Expert Analysis of Buildings/ Damages
– Site Evaluation (developed and undeveloped sites)
– Architectural Jury Participation
– Competition Entries

Architectural Planning

– Trade and Industrial Buildings
– Science and Technology Buildings (e.g. Research Labs)
– Higher Education, Health Care and Administrative Buildings
– Residential, Civic and Cultural Buildings, Retirement Homes
– Conservation and Reuse of Existing Structures
– Landscape Architecture
– Interior Design
– Urban Planning

Construction Administration

– Project Management
– Calls for Tender, Award of Contracts, Accounting, Costing
– Site Supervision
– Cost Control + Scheduling
– Safety and Health Protection Coordination
– Energy Conservation Certificate