Since 2016, onp planungs + projekt gmbh and Schwieger Architekten und ber. Ingenieur PartmbB have been working closely together. In the course of this collaboration, it has become increasingly apparent that two partners have met at eye level here and that a cooperation based on partnership is more than a given.

Since 22 May 2022, both offices have been united at the joint location Weender Landstraße 78 in 37075 Göttingen and our merger has been completed.

“The Göttingen architect Hansjochen Schwieger consciously focuses on “normality”, setting himself apart from spectacular and often excited “event architecture” with buildings of high technical and formal quality. Conservative in the best sense of the word – Schwieger Architekten have been working successfully according to this principle for many years in a wide range of areas, from residential and office buildings to urban development.
Architecture that meets the highest formal standards, but never loses sight of its task”.
Prof. Gert Kähler, Hamburg

Our goal is to create good everyday architecture – usable, durable and efficient.

What is important to us:

Our clients

– Respecting and incorporating their needs and wishes


– User Flexibility
– Combination of construction and fit-out
– Resilient and easy maintenance


– Naturalness, Recyclability
– Use of materials with good aging qualities
– Sensible use of building technology


– Design reduced to the basics
– Innovative architecture

To design and construct buildings that will age with dignity and beauty.

*Everyone is now talking about sustainable buildings.
We have been working this way since 1981!

Member of the BDA, Bund Deutscher Architekten
Member of the DWB, Deutscher Werkbund